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Henny Penny Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative foodservice equipment and solutions, including fryers, combi ovens, rotisseries, merchandisers and holding equipment. Its fryers can help to save about 40% of oil consumption, and the built-in filtration system that is easy to clean and ensures prolonged service life.


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OFE-141 / OEF-142


No one could resist the lovely scents of the golden brown deep-fried food, the all-time favourite at family times, friends’ gatherings and parties. Fried food is found in almost all types of cuisines around the world. Being either the main dish or side item, its popularity never fades. A professionally-made commercial fryer helps to satisfy the high demand of fried food your business may face. The Henny Penny fryers come with 1 to 3 wells and are available in full vat and split vat configurations. So you may enjoy the flexibility of frying different foods in different quantities at the same time. This flexibility is highly essential in supplying freshly fried food, reducing food waste due to overproduction and cutting costs in oil and energy.

Apart from flexibility, we understand your concern in pursuing quality as well. Some of our commercial fryer models have the optional component of a computer-controlled programming module that enables automatic operation of the machine in various cook cycles and modes. It is never easier to control temperature and timing to create the perfect frying conditions for each type of food. Alternatively you may consider a pressure fryer that can handle up to 6.3kg of food per load. Unlike open frying, the closed pressurized cooking environment makes the cooking faster but in a lower temperature. It not only keeps the moisture and natural juices sealed in the food, but also seals out excess cooking oil. It will be appealing to those concerned about producing healthier and more delicious fried food.

Multiple functionality does not necessarily make it costly or difficult to operate and to maintain. Our commercial fryers are of stainless steel construction which is easy to clean and have a longer life. The rectangular fry pots, also in stainless steel, have an invincibly long 7-year warranty. There is a built-in oil filtration system for each fryer to help extend oil life and thus reduce costs of frying oil. Most importantly, all our open fryer models have received the ENERGY STAR mark, meaning that they are up to 30% more energy efficient than other models. Some businesses increase the profit by raising product quality, some by cutting costs. Why not both?