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Menumaster has designed a wide range of commercial microwave ovens. The brand is known for its commitment to innovation, controlling product quality and reliable service support. The equipment is made for achieving high efficiency and consistency and therefore you may always expect to see excellent cooking results in a variety of foods.





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Commercial Microwave Ovens for Hong Kong Restaurants

In the modern world, as well as Hong Kong, the food and dining industry has to fulfil a multitude of expectations from customers, with speed of service being an important one of them. Meanwhile, frozen food is no longer just a new trend, but a part of the dining culture of this age. It is not just a solution for busy people who don’t have time to cook or eat, but a way to enjoy dining in an instant and easy way. A commercial microwave oven, especially designed for Hong Kong restaurants, makes it possible to meet the above needs by serving food from the freezer to the table in the blink of an eye.

Today, food serving is not a unique function of a formal, conventional restaurant. Quick service food stalls, convenience stores, fast food shops, bars and grills also have a large demand in serving food of high quality and high standard. In the past employing a skilled chef was a way of meeting such needs. But now, having a Menumaster commercial microwave oven is very close

to hire a professional chef, as there are up to 100 programmable menu items including frozen, refrigerated and fresh foods. The programming is designed to be user-friendly in the sense that a four-stage cooking can be done with just one touch. Any of your staff members, new or experienced, would find it easy to operate and control.

Quality with Consistency – Menumaster

A good chef’s performance is measured not just by the high quality of his cooking, but also his consistency in keeping the quality. The same applies to our commercial microwave ovens! There are 5 to 11 power levels to choose from, plus a multiple quantity pad calculating proper cooking times for multiple portions. On the other hand, if you would like to satisfy customers who might want the cooking done slightly differently than the standard way or with a personal preference, there is a time entry option to add flexibility.

The Menumaster commercial microwave oven we have for sale is designed to be cleaned easily. Some models have removable air filters plus the function of cleaning reminders to help you maintain and protect the machine to enhance durability. Who doesn’t want to hire this “chef” who can work for you all day?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the Menumaster commercial microwave oven be used?

The Menumaster commercial microwave oven can easily be used in restaurant settings, convenience stores, food courts, bars, grills, kiosks, and fast-food shops. It is perfect for situations where there is a massive demand for the food being served to have a high degree of quality and standard.   

What Menumaster commercial microwave ovens are available?

There are a variety of models and prices available that can meet your commercial needs based on the demand that is usually generated. There are medium volume options available as well as heavy volume options that you can choose from to find the commercial microwave oven in Hong Kong that is perfect for you. If you’re looking for an upgrade, there are also high-speed options available for you to explore. 

How many power level options are available on the Menumaster commercial microwave oven? 

You will be able to choose between 5 and 11 power levels with varying capacities depending on the commercial microwave oven model that you choose. These power levels can be operated at 4 cooking stages to allow for greater flexibility in the task of cooking.  

Are there accessories available with the Menumaster commercial microwave oven?

Optional accessories are available with the Menumaster commercial microwave oven. These include accessories such as:

  • Non-stick baskets – these create an ideal surface for cooking in the microwave oven and make it easier to clean up after.


  • Pan and lid – a 102 mm (4”) deep pan and a lid that has a recessed handle are other accessory options available. These can tolerate temperatures of up to 190°C (375°F).  


  • Shelving accessories – these are offered in solid and wire surface options and can expand the capacity. They also add an elevated surface to the cooking process.       


  • Equipment carts – these are suited for all oven options. They have an aluminium frame, casters, as well as a stainless-steel top.       


Are they convenient to use?

The Menumaster ovens are easy to use for anyone, whether you’re using it for the first time or you already have sufficient experience in this space. There are 100 programmable menu items that you can opt for whether for frozen, fresh, or refrigerated foods. The touch controls are also user friendly. There is even a multiple quantity pad that calculates the amount of time required for cooking multiple portions.

But, if you believe that you can manage without that option, you have the flexibility of using the time entry option. The see-through door of many models also makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the cooking process without having to open the door to take a look inside. Some models even have braille touchpads, smart USB connectivity, and multiple language programming.       

How can the commercial microwave oven be maintained?  

The construction is made to withstand the high demand food service environment and the stainless-steel exterior makes cleaning simple and effective. The process is made easier thanks to the removable air filters on some Menumaster commercial microwave oven models for sale and cleaning reminders given.