Design and build

An efficient, cost-effective and high performance kitchen is the essence of every restaurant. We specialise in providing one-stop professional consultation on kitchen space design, drawings and construction services to facilitate the operation, as well as to meet hygienic and environmental standards and safety requirements. Having a well-planned kitchen plus efficient equipment can definitely smoothen the daily operation of a restaurant.

Renting Services

If an outright purchase does not appeal to you or there is budget constraint at the early stage of a business, clients may consider leasing our foodservice equipment instead of a one-off purchase. We offer tailor-made lease programs to clients with different needs and expectations. Whether it is short term campaigns or one day events, we welcome further discussions on all kinds of cooperation.

Cooking demonstration and product training

Pleasurable dining experience, though intangible, is the secret that wins new and returning diners’ hearts. With the cooking demonstrations, we are eager to help clients improve their recipes to a level that exceed diners’ expectations. Apart from that, in-depth product training will be provided by our experienced staff after purchase.

Repair and maintenance

It is unimaginable how seriously a sudden breakdown of a kitchen equipment could affect the restaurant. Our experienced service team provides professional, efficient on site installation & maintenance services. The prompt repair support and regular machinery checkup services is there to assure stability and to minimize the hassle.