Oriental Engineering Catering & Foodservice Equipment

Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd has stepped into the industry since 1910. It has been specializing in providing innovative, professional, top quality and power-efficient catering equipment and appliances to the world.

We have been working with many international brands for years. Helping clients to reach success and satisfaction is always our ultimate goal, so we are devoted in bringing in high quality, reliable, ever-improving and cost-competitive cooking equipment with outstanding performance to the Hong Kong and China markets.

An efficient, cost-effective and high performance kitchen is the essence of every restaurant. We specialise in providing one-stop professional consultation on commercial kitchen design and construction services to meet the unique needs of every business, helping them to reach maximum productivity while fulfilling hygienic and environmental standards and safety requirements. A quality kitchen design should also be able to make the best use of every inch of the limited space in the premises, and that’s why artistry is required when it comes to matching spaces with the right kind of furniture and catering equipment. That, of course, is the utmost concern of our professional designers too.

A kitchen is like a soccer field while equipment is like soccer players. If kitchen design and equipment arrangement are figured out together it is called home field advantage. Therefore, apart from kitchen design, we also offer a wide range of catering equipment for the needs of ingredient processing, cooking, freezing, food-holding and displaying. Cooking demonstrations and product training can be provided to help your staff team familiarize with the methods of use and to make the most out of our products. We are eager to help improve your recipes to a level that exceeds diners’ expectations because we know that a pleasurable dining experience is the secret that wins new and returning diners’ hearts.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rentals

If an outright purchase does not appeal to you or there is budget constraint at the early stage of a business, clients may consider leasing our foodservice equipment instead of a one-off purchase. We offer tailor-made catering equipment rental programs to clients with different needs and expectations. Whether it is short term campaigns or one day events, we welcome further discussions on all kinds of cooperation.

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