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Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd has stepped into the industry since 1910. It has been specializing in providing innovative, professional, top quality and energy-efficient catering equipment and appliances to Hong Kong, and the world.

Hong Kong Catering Equipment Rentals and Supplier

Since 1910, Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd has been a major supplier of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances to companies in Hong Kong, as well as to those around the world. We have been working with many international brands for years. It has always been our objective to bring our top quality, reliable, ever-improving and cost-competitive cooking equipment to our discerning clients in Hong Kong and China markets. An efficient, cost-effective and high-performance kitchen is the essence of every restaurant. We specialise in providing one-stop professional consultation on commercial kitchen design and construction services in Hong Kong to meet the unique needs of every business, helping them to reach maximum productivity while fulfilling hygienic and environmental standards and safety requirements. A quality kitchen design should also be able to make the best use of every inch of the limited space in the premises, and that’s why artistry is required when it comes to matching spaces with the right kind of furniture and catering equipment. That, of course, is the utmost concern of our professional designers too. A kitchen is like a soccer field while equipment is like soccer players. If kitchen design and equipment arrangement are figured out together it is called home field advantage. Therefore, apart from kitchen design, we also offer a wide range of catering equipment for the needs of ingredient processing, cooking, freezing, food-holding and displaying. Cooking demonstrations and product training can be provided to help your staff team familiarize with the methods of use and to make the most out of our products. We are eager to help improve your recipes to a level that exceeds diners’ expectations because we know that a pleasurable dining experience is the secret that wins new and returning diners’ hearts.  

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Hong Kong Rentals

If an outright purchase does not appeal to you or there is budget constraint at the early stage of a business, clients may consider using our foodservice equipment rentals instead of a one-off purchase. We offer tailor-made catering equipment rental programs to Hong Kong clients with different needs and expectations. Whether it is short term campaigns or one day events, we welcome further discussions on all kinds of cooperation. Our commercial cooking equipment rental services are perfect if you have to temporarily scale your business to meet client demands. From getting the tools you need na stronie CatKasyno Polska for busy seasons to gearing up for a large and complex commercial project, our high-quality kitchen equipment rentals are much better than purchasing low quality, low budget products elsewhere. Contact us today to discuss your cooking equipment rental needs!
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Whip up memorable meals for your guests

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. With the right cooking equipment and catering equipment rentals, you’ll be able to whip up magic onto the plate. At Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, we are not only experts in commercial kitchen design, we also sell and rent a variety of foodservice equipment supplies, all designed to make your chef’s life easier.

Designed using cutting-edge technology and premium-quality parts, our commercial kitchen equipment will help you bring your most imaginative creations to life. Whether you want to make an exotic dessert or make a quirky cocktail, our range of premium cooking equipment will help you give your guests and clients the most delicious treats to enjoy.


Supercharge your catering capabilities

The right cooking equipment will not only help you to serve your guests or clients well, but it will also help you present your company and brand in the best and most sophisticated way possible. Our expansive range of catering equipment are extremely elegant and professional to look at. They will uplift your commercial kitchen design and make your company’s services look very premium indeed.

Have you ever had to give up catering opportunities because you did not have the facilities to support the client’s needs? Those times are over. At Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, we offer cooking equipment rentals for caterers, event organizers, corporates, academic institutions and even healthcare facilities, who wish to improve their capacity to handle larger and more complex catering needs. Just contact our professional team and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll make sure your chosen commercial kitchen equipment is ready in time for your event.

The best part about the kitchen equipment from Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, is that they have been designed to help you whip up delicious dishes of all types. From boiling to baking, to sauteing to smoking to frying, you can execute a variety of operations using our foodservice equipment in Hong Kong. You can also cook all types of cuisines, from continental to Indian, to Chinese to Japanese, to Middle Eastern to European fares. So, give your guests and clients the decadent menu they desire.

At Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, we have a very flexible rental agreement facility. Whether you want our cooking equipment for the short or long term, you’ll find it is easy to rent out our units. All you need to do is visit our website, send us a message with your rental requirements and we can arrange a call with one of our specialists. All of our equipment rental agreements are extendable and if you need to use it for a tad longer than initially planned, just let us know. We can always help you with what you need.

The best thing about the catering equipment from Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd, is that they are designed for extensive commercial usage. Our cooking and catering equipment in Hong Kong is made for heavy duty use and can operate for months without much maintenance. However, we do recommend that you clean the foodservice equipment every day so your cooking process isn’t affected. Additionally, there’s nothing like gleaming kitchen equipment, to uplift your kitchen design.

Yes, we absolutely can! We have been in the catering equipment trade in Hong Kong for a very long time. Our team has worked with clients from across the world and have helped them bring their dream kitchen designs to life. Once you partner with us, we sit down with you to create a bespoke commercial kitchen design that fits into your functional and aesthetic needs. So, give our company a call today and let’s get started with your dream commercial kitchen design.