Commercial Refrigerator


Having more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration systems and technology, SKIPIO offers a wide range of products including bakery cases, open displays, gelato cases, ice cream dipping cabinets, glass merchandisers, freezers and undercounter models. Its technology and performance are incomparable among other brands, and the guaranteed quality and reliability is what makes SKIPIO stand out from the crowd.

Refrigeration is essential in keeping food fresh and safe. Whether it is for storage of raw ingredients like seafood and veggies, semi-products such as butter or cake base, or ready-to-serve products like salad and ice cream, a reliable commercial refrigerator is the key helper for professional chefs, as well as the foundation stone of any productive, efficient and smoothly operating kitchen.

It is understandable that kitchen staff may have very different, and sometimes contradictory expectations of what a good commercial refrigerator would look like. It should be large but not too space occupying; it should be temperature-stable but at the same time flexible as different food storage requires a different temperature; it should be a reliable fridge but how great if it could also serve another function. While fulfilling all expectations seems to be a mission impossible, our well-known international refrigeration brands offer very creative models that satisfy your needs as much as it could. Most models are very convenient not just in size and movability, but also in functionality – food preparation station on the top surface plus storage spaces underneath. They can be put very close to the cooking system including griddles and fryers without the need to worry about heat influences. The machines have very high temperature stability but can be easily switched between the function of a fridge or a freezer. Blast chillers that have advanced touch control systems are also available to fit the storage conditions of a wide range of foods used in a busy commercial kitchen. The drawer management systems make preparation of multi-ingredients possible while avoiding cross-contamination. Most importantly, the models are ergonomically designed to enhance work safety and efficiency.

A reliable, high quality commercial refrigerator is worth the investment as it cuts considerable costs in many aspects. It is important to choose refrigerators which do not cause condensation on or dehydration in foods and thus reduces costs related to food wastage. An environmental-friendly design cuts energy consumption and energy bills. If it could be cleaned quickly and easily, the hidden labour and time costs can be reduced too. It is time to choose the best partner to upgrade your kitchen.