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To all food business owners, no matter which type of cuisine you are serving, having a reliable and efficient commercial fryer is at the top of the list when you start or expand a business. A Brandon fryer, known for its capacity, capability and durability, shall be the ideal kitchen partner for you.

Brandon is a Hong Kong-based company with years of experience and expertise in manufacturing stainless steel cooking equipment for the fast-developing food-serving industry. With a belief in employing the most advanced technologies to enhance product quality and equipment functionality, Brandon’s professional team of engineers endeavours to integrate Al into their products. Their efforts in making changes and striving for excellence have earned them worldwide recognition and international certification. As a locally-based company, you can be confident that Brandon knows what Hong Kong customers need.  

Commercial Fryer Introduction

Vertical Bun Toaster

Countertop Steak Fryer – GH36

Countertop Steak Fryer – GH24

Countertop Fryer – CFH01C

Countertop Fryer – CFH02C

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Floor Standing Fryer


Brandon Fryer Options – The Steak Fryers

Fried food is probably one of the most popular food items around the world. This can be found in most cuisines and menus such as Chinese, American, European, Indian, African, and many more. After all, who can really resist the golden, crispy, flavorful foods that satisfy your cravings and make you feel so heavenly in an instant? Fried food is simply a must-have menu item at family times, celebration parties, friends’ gatherings, community events and even important occasions such as wedding receptions. No one could really deny that some foods just taste more delicious when they are deep fried.

The top-selling options of Brandon fryers include the countertop steak fryers, the countertop fryers and the vertical bun toasters. The countertop steak fryers are available in two sizes – the GH24 with a length of 612mm and the GH36 with a length of 916mm to fit the needs of different businesses. The frying plate is enlarged to handle greater food load and enhance productivity. The frying temperature can be as high as 300, which allows higher flexibility in handling different types of foods and controlling the degree of doneness. The pulse heating unit enables operators to have precise control over temperature, with a maximum difference of  only. These commercial fryers use high-powered heating tubes that makes the heating process faster and the distribution of heat more even on the frying surface.

What is more, the commercial fryer comes with a large used oil collection tank with a patented vent valve to prevent clogging during the oil filtering process. The commercial fryer plate is made of mirror-polished steel with a thickness of 20mm and the machine body is made of 304 stainless steel, which highly enhances durability. It is hard to disagree that Brandon fryers are tailor-made for the food business owners who won’t compromise on quality and efficiency.


The Countertop Commercial Fryers

Another popular option of the Brandon fryers is the heavy duty countertop fryer. This commercial fryer type comes in 4 sizes with different lengths and heights. The CFH01 series comes with 2 fryer baskets and the CFH02 series comes with 4 (i.e. double-sized). This commercial fryer features a front-facing computer control board with up to 12 programmable cooking channels. Once the cooking procedures are set, any staff members can operate the commercial fryers, but the cooking results can still be consistent. There is also a reminder basket function which makes logistics and management easier during peak times of the business.

Among all cooking methods, frying requires particularly high standards of safety and hygiene because oils can be dangerous and messy. The Brandon countertop commercial fryers have a high temperature safety limit to protect both the human operators and the machine. For oil management, there is an automatic oil melting function to deal with solid oil. And the heating elements in this commercial fryer can be swung up to make fry pot cleaning easier. The smart design is telling that the Brandon fryers don’t just fry, they help your business in many other ways as well. With Brandon, Hong Kong food business owners simply have less to worry.   


The Vertical Bun Toaster

Buns and bread rolls are very basic items in a meal. As a side dish, they may not get much attention but they can be the most consumed item in a day. It is important to ensure their availability throughout the day or it can cause disruption to the kitchen services. In this case, another Brandon fryer product – the vertical bun toaster with high capacity is what you need. The Brandon bun toaster can toast up to 720 burger buns per hour. The bun trays can accommodate 6 different thickness of the bread and the hex wheel can be adjusted with a precision of 0.3mm to make sure the entire surface of the buns is toasted as evenly as possible.

This Brandon Hong Kong bun toaster features an all-round insulating layer on the main body of the machine. First, it lowers the surface temperature from 100 to 60, which can enhance kitchen safety and prevent burns and other industrial accidents. As the all-wrapping layer preserves heat, it can also help to save up to 25% on energy bills, which is a significant cost cut for most Hong Kong users.  

It is a goal for Brandon to benefit the Hong Kong catering industry by integrating innovative ideas and new technologies to create greater value for her customers. The popularity of the Brandon fryer series is a strong example of how they achieved this goal in the past years.  


About Brandon Hong Kong Products – FAQs:


1. What commercial fryer options are available? 

There are several commercial fryer options for sale from Brandon Hong Kong – the countertop steak fryers, the countertop fryers and the vertical bun toaster. These commercial fryers come in different sizes to cater for the individual needs of different businesses. They are designed to meet the demand on capacity in many commercial locations. For example, the two countertop fryer models have a capacity of 9L and 18L respectively. You may easily find a suitable model of the Brandon fryers based on the type of your business and the space available in your kitchen. 


2. What are the main features of the Brandon fryers? 

The Brandon fryers are designed as “heavy-duty” fryers for commercial purposes. Most models come with a front-facing computer control board for precise control of temperatures and easy activation of other functions. The innovative integration of advanced AI technologies and catering equipment manufacturing is what makes Brandon fryers outstanding in both local and international markets.


3. Is automatic machine operation possible in these commercial fryers? 

The great part about some of the Brandon commercial fryer models is that they have a computer-controlled programming module that makes automatic cooking a reality. There are programmable cooking cycles and modes that make it easy for you to monitor the timing and temperature at which various foods are cooking. Up to 12 programs can be stored and activated through the control panel of a Brandon fryer.


4. Who can operate these commercial fryers? 

The commercial fryer options available for restaurants can be operated by beginners as well as those well trained with the operation of kitchen equipment. It just requires a little effort and a few tries to get it right. Digital displays will provide you with all the information you need to reach perfection. What is more, the Brandon fryers are designed by employing different technologies to make them easy to operate and control. For example, the frying temperature set with the computer control panel is highly precise with a maximum difference of   only. The use of technologies reduces the possibilities of human errors and therefore the Brandon fryers can be operated by most staff members in your team.


5. Are these Brandon fryers easy to maintain? 

The stainless-steel construction of the commercial fryer models makes them easy to clean and ensures that they can be used for a long time. The warranty of the fryers will enable you to use them for years without having to worry about damage. For the countertop fryers, the heating elements inside the fryer are movable so it would be easier to clean the fry pot. There is also an automatic oil melting function as well.


6. How energy efficient are these commercial fryer options? 

Our commercial fryers for restaurants increase energy efficiency by 25% when compared to other imported models of similar functionality. They don’t just make food taste good; they also have a less damaging impact on the environment. The higher energy efficiency of our Brandon fryer models will help you save on your energy bills. This will make your investment on the equipment more worthwhile as cost cutting will result in a higher return of investment. A win from all perspectives!


7. Are the Brandon fryers suitable for my business when I have very limited space in the kitchen? 

Yes! Brandon is a Hong Kong-based company and it is no news that limited space is always a top concern for most Hong Kong business owners. That’s why the Brandon fryers come in different shapes and sizes to fit most types of kitchens. Most of the commercial fryer options available are designed as countertop and the bun toaster is vertical so they would not take up too much space in the kitchen. For Brandon, Hong Kong may be a small place. But it is never too small for a Brandon fryer, and never too small for innovation and creativity.