Water Filtration System (3M)


3M has been in the water filtration business for over 90 years. We provide high quality filtration products to address the challenging filtration requirements in the water supply, industrial and biopharmaceutical markets. Our professional technical support team is always ready to serve the customers by providing the most effective and efficient solutions with regard to water filtration issues.




Water Filter & Filtration System (3M)

Inarguably water is the most frequently used material in the entire foodservice industry. Whether it is for cooking or cleaning, water quality has a direct and significant influence on the quality of food products and the level of hygiene. For most places, tap water has gone through the process of chlorination that aims to kill certain bacteria and mircobes. Yet its quality is subject to a few external factors such as pipe maintenance and weather events. Having a reliable water filtration system is the best measure to guard against using unsatisfactory water during food production and cleaning.

3M is internationally renowned brands that offer professional water filtration services to commercial food services providers. The 3M water filter cartridge is known for its patented “IMPACT” technology that filtered water first through a pleated media and then through a pre-activated carbon block. Models with different micron ratings from 0.2 to 3.0 are available for either standard water conditions or high turbidity water. The whole process clears sediments and over 99.99% of water-borne bacteria; and the last stage is specifically designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor in water. Yet this multi-stage process does not mean a compromise with water pressure and flow rates, which can still be as strong as from 5.7 to 18.9 liter per minute. The cartridge changing procedure is made easy that even un-skilled staff could perform. No worries for either improper changes or costly services by professionals anymore!

The water filter cartridges are particularly made for drinking fountains and ingredient water for food services and consumer goods industry. Its filter is capable of performing multi-functions, for example, reducing sediments, chemicals and chloramines; removing odors and bad tastes; and keeping water pressure at a good level of 2.5 gallons per minute. Compared with conventional filters, the ultra high porosity carbon with micro-structure technology has a 40 times more dirt holding capacity and a 30 times more chloramines reduction capacity. Its modular design also saves more than a half of the installation time. Choosing a high quality water filter helps to keep the food quality and hygiene always at a top level, and makes your job easier too.