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Pacojet Food Processing Machine

The Pacojet Company came into the spotlight after the launch of Pacojet 1, the revolutionary food processing machine that changed the entire world of gastronomy. As the machine soon became a must-have kitchen equipment for professional chefs and foodservice managers around the globe, the company also established a prominent role in the industry and the legend still continues today.

In the past three decades, the company has grown from a small Swiss company into a global market leader. While the company’s head office and service centers are located mainly in Europe, Pacojet is known to China and Hong Kong customers through the company’s 60+ distributors in the world. Now there is a huge group of 80k customers enjoying the cooking advantages brought by Pacojet in Hong Kong, as well as China.


Pacojet 2 Plus 

Pacojet 4 – Recipe


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Pacojet – Hong Kong Top Chef’s Big Help

The widely acclaimed Pacojet has also evolved from Pacojet 1 to the more advanced, more versatile and more intelligent Pacojet 4. Yet, the company’s position did not alter throughout the years – being devoted to providing customers with innovative ideas, outstanding products and first-rate services that will make contributions to the foodservice industry and bring benefits to the users of Pacojet in both China and Hong Kong!   

Pacojet China products are made by a team of top engineers from Switzerland, the country of the first rank for advanced technology and innovation outputs. Don’t be impressed too soon, or you will be left completely speechless when you find out their most amazing talent is not simply creating a very powerful food processing machine, but creating this machine to help others express their creativity to the fullest. By using just one single piece of equipment you can process and produce an endless number of foods, from appetizers to desserts, from savoury to sweet, from ingredients to finished products. Are you in a creative mood too? Now you can see why Pacojet catches Hong Kong users’ eyes.


The Uses of Pacojet in China & Hong Kong

Pacojet is well-known for processing food through “Pacotizing” which uses over-pressure to turn fresh, deep-frozen foods to a puree of ultra-fine textures without thawing. This process, done so perfectly by Pacojet, is a big help to Hong Kong caterers.

In recent years, the food services in China and HK have been growing more and more diversified. Yet no matter what kinds of foods are offered in your business, it is very likely you will need some ingredients or products that have been micro-pureed. Bakeries may have great demand for doughs and batters; steak houses must be able to produce creamy soups and tasty sauces; salad bars need concentrates and smoothies; gourmet restaurant have to offer dishes using farces (stuffings) and savory mousse; Cafe’s customers can’t get enough of sorbets, ice creams, macaron fillings, cheese cakes, and many more! YES, there may be other possible ways to fine-cut and blend foods, but NO, no business could completely avoid using fine-cut / blended ingredients or products. When one machine can do it all, who could really disagree that Pacojet is Hong Kong kitchen’s most needed appliance?

“One system. Limitless applications.” This idea of Pacojet and the Hong Kong spirit seem to share something in common, right? Apart from having multiple functions, Pacojet fulfills Hong Kong customers’ expectations by being simple and easy to use. It only takes three steps to create an ultra-fine texture of foods.


  • Step 1, cut the fresh foods into small pieces and then add some liquids.
  • Step 2, store the mixture in a freezer at -20 for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Step 3, activate the Pacojet for the magical Pacotizing process to work.


While these three steps are the same for processing all kinds of foods, there are some features of the new Pacojet 4 that Hong Kong users may find amazing. For busy kitchens, chefs may choose to turn on the Jet Mode instead of the classic mode for pacotizing, which shortens the processing time from 4 mins to 90 seconds. The automatic repeat function (up to 10 times) can be a time-saver as well. What is more, the intelligent features allow chefs to save recipe settings so you can process common food items in your favorite way with just a touch of a button. Simply let Pacojet China products prepare the food items, so you can focus on the meal prep and customer services.

Wondering if the Pacojet may help the Hong Kong business of yours? Wanting to explore the uses of Pacojet in China and Hong Kong? Oriental Engineering is ready to help!  


Using the Pacojet in China and Hong Kong – FAQs: 


1. How do you use Pacojet in Hong Kong’s food businesses?

Pacojet can process a broad array of ingredients and food products that Hong Kong’s food businesses need. For example, doughs and batters used in bakeries, soups and creamy sauces offered in steak houses, meat stuffings and mousse provided by gourmet restaurants, as well as desserts sold in café and hotels. The micro-pureeing process can be done to all kinds of foods, so chefs can always create new dishes with the pacotized foods.


2. In what ways may Pacojet’s Hong Kong users benefit from using this food processor? 

Pacojet in China and Hong Kong enables chefs to elevate ordinary cooking to culinary excellence and unleashes unprecedented creativity combined with consistent and exquisite results. Pacojet is a highly versatile cooking system that processes food without lowering its quality or freshness. Rather, it takes the foods to a new level by intensifying their flavours, preserving their natural colors and creating a delicate mouthfeel. 


On top of these, with the Pacojet, Hong Kong users may save a lot of time in food preparation. There is no need to do those time-consuming tasks such as peeling. The processing only takes 3 simple steps to finish – cutting, freezing and pacotizing. There are also some new intelligent features such as the Jet mode, recipe storage and automatic repeat function to cut down preparation time and labour costs so the work efficiency and productivity can be significantly raised. 


3. Do the Pacojet China products come with accessories? 

Yes, the Pacojet 2 Plus comes with many accessories including the pacotizing beakers, a protective outer beaker, a spray guard, and a pacotizing blade made of titanium-nitride. The Pacojet 4 features a new accessory- the Coupe Set which includes a blade and a whipping disk. The Coupe set is unmissable because the Pacojet 4 can process non-frozen foods with the set in place.


4. Are Pacojet China products easy to maintain? 

Yes. The Pacojet requires no peeling or removal of stems before processing food. There will be no kitchen waste left in the device so cleaning can be quick and easy. In addition, the Pacojet can be cleaned with the cleaning tabs designed specifically for Pacojet cleaning. The tabs serve as detergent that cleans in an antibacterial way. With a touch of a button, the internal cleaning process will start. You can be confident that the device will be in good hygiene to ensure food safety.


5. How does Pacojet fulfill Hong Kong users’ expectations on safety and energy efficiency? 

Safety issues are very important from Hong Kong users’ point of view. With Pacojet, Hong Kong users can be assured that their expectations on safety and energy efficiency can be met. First, the touchscreen on Pacojet 4 offers guidance on how to operate the machine The detection mode ensures that tools are properly attached and the beaker is not holding too much food. These functions help to reduce human errors that may cause dangers and damages to people and properties. Meanwhile, the standby mode will be turned on when the device is idle for a long period to help save energy. With all these features, you will find having a Pacojet in your Hong Kong kitchen a worthwhile investment.