Wine Cellar

For anyone fascinated about the culture of wine, a wine fridge is their dreamland, a paradise one couldn’t wait to be in. Good storage of wine protects the products and keeps them in optimum conditions, which guarantee the value of the wine and enable wine lovers to taste them whenever they wish to. Whether you are professional wine cellar companies who serve the finest wine products to customers or simply building your home-based wine storage rooms, the AlcoHOLD wine fridges in Hong Kong are, without any doubts, your best helper.

The three elements that have the most profound effect on the storage of wine are humidity, light and temperature. In the past, a wine cellar in HK or abroad was usually located underground or built in covered areas, where there was no direct sunlight, but well ventilated to maintain a certain degree of humidity and a stable temperature to avoid damp and musty odors that may cause contamination to the wine products. However, as this was still heavily relied on the ever changing climate and nature, no one could really guarantee anything about the outcomes. The possibility of having “wine faults” in traditional wine cellars is always high.


(for 143 bottles)


(for 40 bottles)

Introducing the wine fridge brand – AlcoHOLD

Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology, most of the variables can be within a certain degree of control. Wine cellars and storage spaces can be built above ground and in any rooms – the choice of the location is no longer based on climate conditions, but on the convenience of the owners or even the artistic principle of the house design! In other words, you may build a wine cellar in Hong Kong in any spaces you wish.

The secret is using a wine fridge brand with highly efficient and reliable products. AlcoHOLD wine fridges in HK are definitely worth investing in because of the luxe, stylish design and comprehensive functions that can accommodate a wide range of storage needs.

The main body of an AlcoHOLD wine fridge is made of stainless steel that brings coolness and a sense of futurism to the eye. The door is made of vacuum and tempered clear glass that can achieve high levels of thermal insulation (reducing the transfer of heat between objects of differing temperatures) so that the inner space of the wine fridge can be more effectively kept within a certain range of temperature. There is also UV protection on the door so excess sun rays and heat can be prevented from causing a negative effect in the inner environment of the fridge. The wine cellar’s door hinge is on the right as default, but there can be a customized option upon request without extra charges.


A wine cellar that provides optimal conditions for storing

To keep the wine products in optimum conditions, AlcoHOLD wine cellars use a circulating cooling system and intelligent temperature control. The designed wine fridge temperature is from 5 to 20 degree Celsius. This range can accommodate a great variety of types and brands of wine. To control the temperature and other functions of the wine fridge, there is a touch-key control panel inside the cabinet with a white LED display window, which makes it very user-friendly.

Instead of the ordinary vertical placement racking, AlcoHOLD wine cellars have a specifically designed horizontal placement racking which allows clear display of wine labels. The built-in cool LED lighting on the inside of the wine fridge is also there to enhance viewing. On top of these, the racks are arranged in a ladder-like form and each rack can be pulled out like a drawer by 80% of its length. This rack arrangement, again, makes the label display clearer while allowing higher capacity. AlcoHOLD brand of wine fridges make great efforts to improve the clearness of wine label display not just for convenience, but also for reducing the duration of door opening (which may cause instability in temperature control). It was never easier to look for a precious bottle that you have been desiring for! This special and convenient design of AlcoHOLD wine fridges has received many affirmations, as well as the following patents and awards, locally and internationally:

  • Invention patent, China, 2016
  • PCT international patent, 2017
  • Good Design Award, Japan, 2020


AlcoHOLD wine fridge Hong Kong models – ABU-40R (40 bottles) / ABU-143R (143 bottles

  • Stainless Steel door with vacuum glass
  • The horizontal rack lets users easily see the wine label and for efficient inventory control
  • Users get the wine easily to reduce door open duration, so the wine can keep under a steadier temperature.



To cater for the needs of families and business, the AlcoHOLD wine fridge brand offers two models – ABU-40R and ABU-143R.

The ABU-40R can hold up to 40 bottles, and 10 bottles per rack, while the ABU-143R has a higher capacity that can store a maximum of 143 bottles at a time, and 12 bottles per rack. Users may organize and assort the bottles by their types, brands, storage times or even personal and customers’ tasting preferences. With all these clever features, it would be hard to disagree that the AlcoHOLD brand of wine fridges is the best help for wine lovers and professional wine cellar HK companies.


About AlcoHOLD wine cellars – FAQs: 

 1. What are the most popular features of AlcoHOLD wine cellars? 

AlcoHOLD wine cellars are known for their racking design. The wine bottles are placed horizontally so that the labels can be clearly seen. The racks are arranged in a ladder-like form and each rack can be pulled out like a drawer. This is now a patented and awarded design. The vacuum glass door is another favorite feature of wine fridge Hong Kong customers. It is rimless and with UV protection which makes it not just a classy design, but also highly functional. 


2. Are AlcoHOLD wine cellars energy consuming? 

A wine cellar has to work 24/7 so energy consumption tops the list of our concerns. Our products use the world’s best Embraco compressor that comes with highly efficient and eco features. The patented racking design also aims at reducing the duration of door opening to save energy. AlcoHOLD wine cellars are totally worth investing in as it helps to save costs on energy consumption in the long run. 


3. What’s the difference between the two wine fridge HK models offered? 

The major difference of the two wine fridge models is the capacity. The larger model ABU-143R may suit business the best while ABU-40R may be a good choice for individuals or families. For the latter model, because of its convenient size, customers may have more flexibility in choosing locations for the wine cellar in Hong Kong. It can be put together in an upright position with other furniture or facilities to save space.