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Unox was incorporated in 1990 and entered the market of professional ovens and bakery equipment by a product designated to bake frozen bread and frozen croissants without thawing. Unox manufactures various types of professional ovens, which can meet the needs of all sectors of the catering industry ranging from small bakery shops, coffee shops, culinary training studios, to large- scale chain stores, restaurants and hotels. Many major international markets are familiar with Unox, including Hong Kong.


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Combi Steamer – Just What Your Kitchen Needs

Thinking that your kitchen still needs a steamer, a roaster, a grill, a fryer, an oven…and wonder when you may stop adding items on the endless list of bakery equipment? A Unox combi steamer may be what you really need at the end of the day. It is made to perform multiple functions that conventionally could only be done with many sets of kitchen and bakery equipment. It is also equipped with the most advanced technologies to do jobs that traditionally could only be done by experienced chefs. Now it all comes in a compact, single box that is able to do more than you can ever expect.

The combi steamer is not just an all-in-one bakery equipment. Rather, it is an intelligent kitchen partner that controls precisely the temperature and humidity to create automatic baking cycles to prepare food in the skilled way like a professional chef does. The Unox combi steamers feature ClimaluxTM, an advanced humidity control technology in which the accurate sensors can activate steam production inside the baking chamber to ensure humidity is maintained at the set level. However, if you would like your bakery products to be crispy and crunchy, the DRY.Maxi function can remove humidity from the baking chamber. It is no longer true to say that baked goods can’t be moist. In fact, these functions enable you to make any kind of decisions to your products at your will.


Smart Bakery Equipment

The Unox Hong Kong combi steamer comes with many smart functions as well. For example, it measures the food load and automatically adjusts the cooking process to create perfect and consistent cooking results. To handle delicate and heat-sensitive foods, the auto-soft function helps to regulate the rise in temperature to make it gentle and make sure the heat is evenly distributed on different trays of food inside the combi steamer.

What is more, the cooking processes can be recorded and data will be collected and analyzed with a PC or a smartphone. First, your recipes can be created directly from the bakery equipment or on your smart devices and then synchronized with all your ovens. The cooking processes can be monitored and managed through your smart devices so you are able to compare the data and evaluate the processes. The analysis will then provide advice on how to make better use of the bakery equipment in your next cooking procedure. The intelligent preheating function is an example of how this works. The machine can automatically set an optimal preheating procedure based on data drawn from previous cooking processes and the cooking requirements that you set. This aims to make the cooking quality highly stable and reliable each time, as well as to help to take full advantage of the potential of your bakery equipment.

While the Unox bakery equipment is so versatile, it doesn’t mean that it is a complicated machine to use and to manage. In fact, the combi steamer comes with an intelligent control panel that takes the definition of “user-friendly” to a totally new level. You can set up to 9 baking steps on one single screen. If you are dealing with more complex and delicate procedures, you may even draw with hand gestures on the display and let the equipment execute the processes. Visualize and realize your imagination has never been easier. Once you created the best version of a recipe, you may save it in the internal memory that can store up to 384 different baking programs, which you may also categorise them into groups for a well-organised and highly accessible personal library.

It is a universal truth that time is money. In the catering industry, time is also quality. How to make the best use of time is a major concern of engineers in Unox and Hong Kong caterers would not disagree with this. On a Unox combi steamer, you can manage up to ten baking processes at a time and monitor them on the control panel with a quick glance. On the other hand, the combi steamer also allows you to set the order of baking and have different products ready at a set time. This is particularly important for improving efficiency in food businesses that offer drive-thru services, takeaway and set meals.

Unox Hong Kong is there to help you maximize productivity and profits. At the same time, you may also be amazed by their insistence on the artistry of baking. So, whether you are looking for some versatile, intelligent bakery equipment for rent or leasing, or perhaps looking forward to owning it outright, look no further than Oriental Engineering! We endeavour to help you enjoy the technology of Unox in Hong Kong.


About Unox Hong Kong Bakery Equipment – FAQs:


1. What bakery equipment options are available? 

The bakery equipment options available from Unox Hong Kong include 2 different types of combi steamer models, a food preserver, as well as a conventional oven. The two combi steamer models are known as the Bakertop Mind Maps Plus (comes with a BIG version and a COUNTERTOP version) and the Cheftop Mind Maps Plus (comes with a BIG, a COUNTERTOP and a COMPACT version). You can choose a most suitable model based on the functions you prioritize as well as the space available in your commercial location.      


2. How are the Bakertop and Cheftop combi steamer options different? 

The combi steamer models are mainly different in sizes to fit the space available in different kitchens. The Cheftop model is made for performing various cooking procedures such as grilling, frying, roasting, browning, steaming and much more. The Bakertop model excels in fresh or frozen pastry and bakery processes. Both models have a high degree of reliability and have been made to carry out several functions with the help of the latest technology.   


3. What functions can the combi steamer carry out? 

The Unox combi steamer product line carries out multiple functions to help your Hong Kong business save the cost and time required to carry out tasks using different types of equipment. Whether it is steaming, frying, grilling, roasting, or baking in an oven, a combi steamer is your one stop solution for all these tasks.

With the range of functions available in this bakery equipment, you will be able to cook meals to perfection while saving time, money, and energy. You can cook many dishes at the same time thanks to the advanced technology of the system which will allow you more flexibility in your menu.


4. What smart features are available on the combi steamer?              

There are numerous smart functions that will make the cooking process easier for you. Automatic cycles assess the food load and produce consistent results with cooking. There is also an auto soft feature which ensures that temperature increases are evenly distributed over the food in the chamber. You can even analyse data from the cooking process by connecting it to your computer. An analysis of this data will automatically generate advice and tips for your next cooking processes.

Humidity control and smart pre-heating also ensure that there is perfect browning, grilling, roasting or more for your food products. There is also an intelligent cleaning procedure on this bakery equipment which can set the system into automatic cleaning mode to promote hygiene and reduce wastage.


5. Is this bakery equipment energy efficient?

With smart processes available for every type of function carried out by this bakery equipment from Unox, Hong Kong users will surely find it easy to save on your energy bills thanks to greater energy efficiency. The models require less energy, water, and oil compared to what you would have to use by carrying out each function on a separate bakery equipment. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint while still allowing you to handle a large capacity of food to meet the needs of your commercial space.


6. Does the bakery equipment require frequent maintenance? 

Frequent maintenance lowers productivity and raises costs. It is something to avoid by the engineers in Unox, and Hong Kong users too. Therefore, the bakery equipment is built with technologies to reduce the need of maintenance. For example, in a combi steamer, you can activate an automatic cleaning mode which will estimate the required level of cleaning based on the previous baking processes. The smart cleaning ensures high standards of hygiene so the combi steamer can operate at its maximum efficiency and reduce the costs of maintenance.  The Unox combi steamer also comes with a ventless hood that uses a self-cleaning filter plus an activated carbon filter that removes odours from the fumes, thus cutting down the need for cleaning. The machine itself is made of stainless steel with a thickness from 50mm to 70mm. It ensures each part of the machine is rigid and resistant to corrosion. Need a machine that lasts for years? You will find your investment in bakery equipment from Unox worthwhile, especially for Hong Kong businesses who cannot afford too much time costs due to maintenance.   


7. Can the Unox bakery equipment fit in the kitchen with limited space? 

Yes. A large proportion of food businesses in Hong Kong have very limited space in the kitchen. The bakery equipment from Unox fits Hong Kong kitchens perfectly, especially the Cheftop Mind Maps Plus Compact combi steamer. This model stacks cooking units together to make good use of vertical space while maintaining cooking flexibility at the same time. It is only 530mm in width which makes it one of the narrowest ovens with similar functions. Without compromising on productivity, it still has a maximum capacity of 72kg. On the other hand, the Bakertop Mind Maps Plus model allows you to combine ovens, proofers and cabinets in a flexible way to fit the individual needs of your kitchen and to maximize the use of every inch of space. It is not over the top to say Unox is made for Hong Kong kitchens.