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Supplies: Popcorn and Cotton Candy Materials
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Nothing makes children and adults break into a smile more easily than holding a fluffy, colorful and tasty cotton candy. Its ever lasting popularity makes it a very rewarding business for both small and large scale sellers. Whether you are new to the business, or experienced owners looking for an upgrade to higher quality products and services, the Gold Medal line of cotton candy products is something you don’t want to miss. This comprehensive line of products includes floss sugar, flossine that adds flavour, packing materials, merchandise displays and most importantly, various models of cotton candy machines. By making a one-stop purchase, you can start your business in no time.

The Gold Medal cotton candy machines keeps a very unique position in the market by providing some models using the only floss head certified by the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Sanitation and Safety standards, a certification well recognized in Canada and the US. These models come with a separable floss head and a stainless steel cabinet that make cleaning easy and hassle-free. To cater for business of various scales, many other models of different sizes and styles are also available – you may choose a floss pan ranging from the smallest 5 inches up to the oversized 29 inches, making 2 to 7 servings per minute. While making cotton candy does not require highly delicate techniques, it is essential to keep the amount of heat in control. Experienced operators may choose those models with ribbon heat elements with a manual heat control knob, but novice or very busy operators may rely on models with tubular heat elements or the Electronic/Accu-heat control feature that automatically adjusts and maintains incoming voltage throughout the production process so the product quality can be consistent.

To help you attract customers and boost your sales, the cotton candy machines in special exterior designs – the attention-getting cart and wagon style, the dreamy pink style or the extraordinary antique style – are also available. Putting one of these machines over the counter in your shop, and you will soon see a crowd running to you in big shiny smiles!