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Ice-O-Matic is at the forefront of ice machines supplying and manufacturing in Hong Kong as well as worldwide. It provides crystal-clear ice with a full line of cubes, flakers and the patented Pearl Ice® machines. The machines are easy to clean and serve, simple to operate and environmentally responsible but without sacrificing productivity.


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A Reliable & Consistent Supply of Ice

Reliable, consistent ice supply is the key to enhance efficiency of production in the food and beverage industry. We provide more than 10 models of Ice-O-Matic commercial ice machines for sale, which are specially made to produce soft, chewable ice nuggets, crystal clear ice cubes or dreamy ice flakes. To cater for different business scales and clients’ needs, different models of the machines can produce ice from 200lbs up to 1800lbs daily.

Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machine Models

  •     Pearl Ice Maker: This produces soft and chewable nugget ice crystals which are perfect for beverages, soft drinks and cocktails. It comes in two variations of ice cube production capacity- 600lbs and 900 lbs. It offers decreased water and power usage as compared to cube ice makers.

  •     Flake Ice Maker: This produces fresh and clean flake ice which is suitable for storing produce and meats, and also for serving chilled foods. It comes in two variations of ice cube production capacity- 800lbs and 1200lbs.

  •     Cube Ice Maker: This produces ice cubes that are perfect for sodas and spirits. It comes in variations of 8 models which provide ice production capacities ranging from 200lbs to 1800 lbs. It features Harvest Assist which reduces energy consumption and increases capacity. It also has the Pure Ice feature, which provides built-in microbial protection to enhance the life of the commercial ice machine.


Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machine Design and Functionality

The design of commercial ice machines takes installation and space consumption into top consideration. Whether it is a tall straight design or an undercounter wide design, it is aimed to save the limited space of your business premises. The ice machine is made of corrosive resistant aluminium or stainless steel to enhance durability and reliability. The bins have Ag ion coating, a proven and promising approach that inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria on the surface of the machine. Together with the best and easiest cleaning program among all competitors, you can be assured of the hygiene and safety of the ice products.

The built-in monitoring system is there to check energy consumption and to monitor workload which would help to avoid costly repairs due to overwork or inappropriate use of the machines. Apart from cost reduction, it is important to note that the machine designers and engineers are also concerned with environmental conservation by carefully following and even exceeding the requirements of the newest environmental laws and regulations. Some models include BPA free plastic and recyclable parts which help to minimize the burden to nature during the production process.


Choosing a Commercial Ice Machine Model

The Ice-O-Matic comes in different variations of sizes, cube production capacities and compressor types in their ice machines for Hong Kong. The compressor component of the ice machine performs the most important function of removing heat from the unit and maintaining a cool temperature. The Ice-O-Matic Commercial ice machine models come with three types of compressors.

  • Air-Cooled: Air-Cooled machines utilize the air to transfer heat out of the machine. The air is drawn up over the condenser and is then expelled out with the help of ducts and fans. Any heat surrounding the refrigeration lines is drawn out, which keeps the unit cool. This type of commercial ice machine is most suitable for clean and temperature-controlled environments. It is not only easy to install, but is also energy efficient. It runs on air instead of water, which helps in saving on the water costs in the long run. It is also cost-effective as it is cheaper to operate in most locations.

  • Water-Cooled: Water-cooled commercial ice machines are quieter and energy-efficient machines that utilize water instead of air to transfer the heat out of the machine. In it, the water coils run beside the condenser coils. A line feeds water into the ice-making compartment, which absorbs the heat from the condenser coils which is then drained out with the help of another line that runs alongside the refrigerant. This type of ice machine provides a more consistent ice cube production, provided that the water is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The water-cooled ice machines are best for extremely hot environments and for outdoor uses where temperature control is not possible. Although it requires a more comprehensive installation than the air-cooled types, it helps you save on electricity costs as it runs primarily on water.

  • Remote-Cooled: Commercial ice machines with the remote-cooled mechanism are excellent for a variety of locations. They are also air-cooled and usually have two parts; the ice machine heads and the remote condensing unit that is responsible for cooling the machine by exchanging heat. While the air-cooled and water-cooled machines have a self-contained condenser, the remote-cooled machines have an external condenser unit that can be placed outside in a different location. This makes it more suitable for establishments that need to save space. The remote-cooled machine typically has a higher ice cube production capacity and they also help in decreasing your energy bills. They are relatively quieter and also more efficient operationally.

Choosing between air-cooled, water-cooled or remote-cooled commercial ice machines eventually comes down to necessity and individual cost preference. All Ice-O-Matic commercial ice machines, including the Nugget Ice Maker series, the Flake Ice Maker series and the Elevated Series Cube Ice Maker, come with options of air-cooled, water-cooled and remote-cooled models to choose from.


Why choose the Ice-O-Matic brand?

Currently, the Ice-O-Matic commercial ice machine is the one and only brand that is approved and used by Starbucks Coffee, the internationally renowned catering tycoon. Years of experience working with different catering businesses has been the driving force that makes us see the importance of listening to our clients and further strive for excellence and perfection. The ever-improving quality of ice machines will definitely lessen your worries and smoothen the daily operation of your business. Having more time, now you may start to think about the next big step of your business plan.