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Have you heard that “stressed” is “desserts” when it is spelled backwards? Perhaps that explains why the dessert industry in Hong Kong has been fast-growing in recent years. Whether it is a small kiosk, a convenience store or a restaurant, your place serving heavenly desserts is actually providing a quick and affordable way for people who have been stressed working all day to relax. What’s more meaningful than this? Plus, it is also a very easy business to start. If you are interested in stepping into the dessert world, you may want to know one of the world’s major ice cream powder suppliers – PreGel.

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PreGel – The Real Italian Ice Cream Powder Supplier

PreGel, now the largest manufacturer and distributor of gelato, pastry and beverage products worldwide, has been founded since 1967 in Italy by Lucio Rabboni. Started as a small team of 8 workers only, now it has turned into an international company with a workforce of 700+. Thanks to Lucio Rabboni’s creativity, the company has created many new products to radically change the gelato market and take artisan gelato making to a whole new level. As a major ice cream powder supplier with passion and the determination to innovate, the company has received multiple recognition and awards in Italy and abroad. 

Gelato is an Italian word meaning frozen. Now it refers to any ice cream with Italian origin. Gelato is different from traditional ice cream in that the former contains less air but with a more intense flavor. It is generally more creamy but less sweet. Partly thanks to the trend of health consciousness, this Italian ice cream made with fresher ingredients and less sugar quickly gained popularity around the world. Now it is almost an irresistible treat driving everyone’s food cravings. Gelato base is thus a top-selling product from the ice cream powder suppliers’ point of view.


Fascinating PreGel Products

As a leading ice cream powder supplier, PreGel offers a wide array of products which includes dessert ingredients and semi-finished goods for making premium artisanal gelato, sorbet, soft serve, pastry and frozen yogurt. This explains the company name PreGel, which is actually a short form for “preparation of gelato”. Their major product lines include ice cream powders (bases) for traditional gelato, soft gelato and light gelato; sprint bases for quick gelato making; special flavourings from Hazelnut to the fruity Fortefrutto; and even side products that makes the gelato a real feast for the eyes, i.e., variegates, decorations, toppings and coatings. Just take a quick look at the PreGel catalogue and you’ll be fascinated by the multitude of products and their enchanting colors too.

To start making gelato, the very first step is to choose a good ice cream powder, or a good base. PreGel, as a world-renowned ice cream powder supplier, provides more than 50 ice cream powders, some of which require a hot process and pasteurization during production; the others require a cold process. The PreGel bases are carefully balanced between sugars, fats and solids to create the perfect creaminess and a longer storage life. If you are looking for something extraordinary, there are also other base variations including the fruit bases with lower fat, the soya base without milk, the light bases with fructose or sucralose, and even the base for alcoholic gelato!

The list of flavourings and decorations are even more exciting. There you will find traditional pastes from Amaretto to Zabajone, the most popular hazelnut and pistachio pastes, the all-time favourite vanilla pastes, as well as the Verafrutta flavourings with chunky pieces of fruits. Don’t miss the decorations and variegates which look really mouth-watering: the Arabeschi sauces, the Cioccolatina creams, the CrumbOle toppings and also the Coriandoline coatings. If these from PreGel, a respected ice cream powder supplier, won’t get your customers intrigued, what would?    


PreGel – A Well Recognized & Certified Ice Cream Powder Supplier

PreGel has received multiple international certifications which establish its leading role on the list of ice cream powder suppliers in the world. The company has received three certifications (the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the IFS Food and the SQF) regarding food quality and food safety, and a certification for its organic production methods and its contribution to environmental protection. There are two other certifications (KOSHER and HALAL) that welcome people of the Jewish and Muslim faiths to use their products. The certifications are showing that PreGel is not only a professional ice cream powder supplier, but also a socially responsible, caring and welcoming company that could win your confidence.


More About PreGel Ice Cream Powder Supplier Products – FAQs:


1. What products does PreGel offer as an ice cream powder supplier? 

PreGel offers a whole range of high-quality ingredients for gelato makers around the world. You can literally get every single ingredient you need in making gelato from this ice cream powder supplier. The hot or cold process bases, the soft bases, the flavourings, the toppings and coatings, etc. If you are new to the business, you may try the Sprint bases which allow you to make artisanal gelato quickly and easily by just adding milk or water. Investing on the prestigious, trademarked Yoggi base is also a great way to kick off a business and to boost the sales figures.  


2. How to use ice cream powder (base)? 

If you choose them as your ice cream powder supplier, note that PreGel bases are divided into two main categories, the hot process base and the cold process base. For the hot process ones, the first step should be pasteurization followed by freezing of the flavoured mixture in the batch freezer. The cold process ones require no pasteurization but simply blending the ingredients together plus processing in the batch freezer. The Sprint bases are even easier to use. Just add milk or water and then batch-freeze it. Nothing else is required. If you are more interested in soft serve, the soft gelato powder are also cold process products to be processed and dispensed by soft serve machines.


3. How can I satisfy different types of customers with PreGel products?

As a world-class ice cream powder supplier, PreGel makes every effort to help you cater for customers with different needs. They offer more than 50 bases, 100 flavourings plus a whole line of decorations to fulfil people’s preferences on flavours. On top of these, there is also a soya base as alternatives for the lactose intolerant or dairy avoiding customers, and some light gelato bases for those who are health-conscious. Several PreGel products are Kosher or Halal certified, which means people of Jewish faith or Muslim faith are able to find something suitable for them.


4. Why is PreGel a reliable ice cream powder supplier? 

Apart from being listed as one of the best companies in Italy, PreGel has also received many international recognition and certifications. The company has received three certifications about the safety and quality of food products– that includes the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the International Featured Food Standard (IFS) and the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. Another certification is received for its organic production methods that contribute to environmental protection, animal welfare or rural development. PreGel offers products that are Kosher or Halal certified so the Jewish faith and the Muslim faith communities are welcome as well. The certifications are indicating that PreGel is a responsible and caring ice cream powder supplier whom you can trust.