Frozen Fruit Puree


Alpha&Omega Fruits sources various frozen fruit products from the world as Italy, Serbia, Greece, Poland, France, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. and currently sell to the retailers in Hong Kong and Macau. With this, it can offer a wide range of quality frozen fruit products at an exceptional price to its customers.


Frozen Fruit Puree

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Frozen Fruit Puree & Products

Frozen Fruit Puree as an ingredient is becoming more important in the food manufacturing and processing industry. As international cuisine is gaining popularity, there is a growing demand for sourcing quality food ingredients globally. Frozen fruit puree makes it much easier and convenient to use high quality fruit ingredients from around the world without worrying about their perishability.

Better Food Quality & Flavours

The strongest advantage of using frozen fruit puree is that it maintains natural flavours and nutrients of fruits but reduces the growth of micro-organisms. As most puree are packed in boxes, storage spaces can be used more efficiently. Thus, for businesses in which frozen food is used at a high frequency, having a cold chain that offers professional low-temperature food storage, management and logistics solutions becomes essential then. It not only guarantees reliable and stable food supply, but also means lower cost, better food quality and higher level of hygiene and safety. Using frozen food brings other benefits as well. As frozen fruit products have a much lengthened shelf life, global and seasonal food waste and food loss can be greatly reduced. Companies which positively and actively addressed this environmental issue of public concern may see its contribution in raising corporate reputation and creating a better marketing position.

An Abundance of Options

Since establishment, Alpha and Omega has provided frozen fruit puree made of freshly harvested and carefully sorted fruits from all parts of the world – Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Currently the company has more than 30 kinds of puree for you to choose from.

Apart from the more popular types like mangoes, cherries or kiwis, there are also less frequently seen options such as chestnuts, pomegranate and blood oranges, plus the mixed types such as wild berries and pina colada. To make sure the puree products are of consistently high quality, quality control starts from the origin of the fruits. For instance, the strawberries are picked in only May and June; the mandarins are cold pressed directly on site; the apricots are of 100% mono-variety. The persistence in choosing only the best has made it possible to maintain quality and reputation at an invincible level.