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Valmar was founded in 1987 and since then it has been a fast-growing manufacturer of ice cream and gelato machines. Its new series of TTi machines are developed with cutting edge technology and other features that will certainly meet the wide range of needs of the food industry.

In recent years gelato is gaining even more popularity in the market than the other traditional ice cream products. Gelato is famous for its silky texture and dense flavour which most people find it difficult to resist. Having a lower fat content makes gelato a more enjoyable option for the health-conscious generation. Offering a great variety of gelato products on the dessert menu will undoubtedly be a promising idea to attract new customers and boost the growth of your business.

The Valmar TTi series is essential for a kitchen that yearns for reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, energy-saving and user-friendly operation. This series includes 9 different models in all shapes and sizes designed to fit into the limited space of your premises. It is also a series of gelato machines covering all major functions in a gelato production process – from pasteurizing, aging, cream cooking, batch freezing to all-round multiple functioning.

With the innovative Valmar Combisystem, the machines automatically adapt to specific processing requirements in cooling or batch freezing. By creating a balance during the freezing and air incorporating process, it is able to produce high-quality gelato that is more resistant to melting and keeps a creamy, fine and smooth texture. What is more, the production rate can be increased by 20% as the technology allows a higher amount of air incorporated into the gelato, making a significant increase in the volume while the weight and recipe remains unchanged.

The TTi series with Valmar Combisystem can be easily operated through a multi-language software and an LCD touchscreen that enable chefs and other staff to manage and monitor the entire food processing procedures. To maintain product consistency, the system performs various checks including the stirrer torque measurement, gas temperature measurement and gelato measurement inside the cylinder. Any abnormalities will be found out and reported as soon as possible. Regardless of the recipe used, the most desirable gelato texture can be maintained without hassle.

The TTi series of gelato machines has 11 patents registered, which not only show the technological innovation of the machine design but also emphasize the concern about user safety. Many patents such as double lids, removable safety guards on loading hoppers and quick fastening system to secure the scrapers are specifically designed to ensure user protection and risk reduction. After all, meeting safety standards is a prerequisite to raising production rates.