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Midea is a well-recognized company specialized in manufacturing high quality kitchen appliances. With their own production plants, assembly lines, test laboratories and research and development centers, Midea has been an innovative leader in the industry for years. Midea products, including their commercial microwave ovens, have been earning various design awards worldwide because quality, teamwork and innovation are always the company’s core values.

Food services in the world nowadays have to fulfil a lot of expectations from their customers – tastiness, preservation of nutrition values, price, hygiene and safety…and many more. And please, don’t forget time. Technology makes everything ready in the blink of an eye. When things can happen in milliseconds in this era, who still has the time to wait?

Midea’s commercial microwave ovens are here to meet what you need, and what your customers or clients need as well. A microwave oven may seem to be a very common appliance. But a household oven may not be powerful enough to support the frequent usage and large quantities in a commercial (bakeries, restaurants, fast-food shops, supermarkets, etc.) or public settings (schools, dormitories, stadiums, care centres, etc.). The high wattage commercial microwave ovens shall be the ones that can really help.


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Speed, Efficiency and New Features

The commercial microwave ovens by Midea does not only bring in speed and efficiency to let your customers enjoy great food in no time. The new line of products is also introducing a new feature of “scan & go” which allows your staff members to set cooking programs for easy operation and uniform cooking results. Similarly, your customers may also use this function by scanning the barcode on the food item and then start automatic cooking. This is undoubtedly an excellent feature for both commercial and community users as it can save labor costs and time. In addition, it can greatly reduce mistakes in operation of the oven to enhance safety and prevent causing unnecessary dangers and damages to human beings and properties.


Types of Commercial Microwave Ovens by Midea

There are three types of commercial microwave ovens available for purchase: the heavy duty 17 L series, the heavy duty 34 L series and the light duty 25 L series.

The heavy duty series (17 L and 34 L) have large capacity and can accommodate a platter of 13 inches and 14 inches respectively. They are equipped with double rotating antennas for more even and efficient heating, so large food loads would never be a problem. To handle a great variety of foods, the commercial microwave ovens can store up to 100 programmable menu items. Based on the types, conditions and quantities of the food, you can set a unique program with up to 3 cooking stages, 5-11 power levels and the cooking times (maximum 60 mins) of your own choice. The programmes can be shared among all ovens through the USB ports for consistent cooking results. With so many different combinations of cooking stages and levels to be programmed, you can cook almost everything, and do it in just one click. Having this commercial microwave oven feels like hiring an all-round well-trained chef who can work for you all day, doesn’t it?

Unlike other professional cooking equipment, a commercial microwave oven is more likely to be used by both staff members and customers. In some settings such as a self-service food kiosk or the employee’s break room, it will be used by people without any specific training in operating food equipment. Therefore, being user-friendly is of utmost importance in the design of Midea’s commercial microwave oven. The touch control interface with LED display makes it easy and intuitive to use. The Grab’n Go door handle without any moving parts makes the equipment more reliable and less risky for users of all ages. What is more, there are braille controls on the touch control pads to comply with ADA standards and make the service accessible to a wider community. So why not just let the Midea commercial microwave oven do its best, and you can sit back and relax!


About Midea Commercial Microwave Ovens – FAQs:


1. Where can the Midea commercial microwave oven be used? 

The Midea commercial microwave oven is suitable for a wide range of commercial settings including restaurants, convenience stores, food courts, bars, grills, kiosks, and fast-food shops. It is also a highly popular and useful equipment in public settings such as schools, dormitories, care centers, hospitals and stadiums. It is perfect for situations where there is a massive demand for high quality food being served fast and efficiently.


2. What types of Midea commercial microwave ovens are available? 

A variety of models of commercial microwave ovens are available to meet your commercial needs. At present, Midea offers two models of heavy-duty options (17L and 34L) as well as one model of light duty option (25L) for you to choose from. The major differences are the sizes and capacities. There will be a model that fits you whether you are about to start a new business or you are looking for an upgrade of the existing equipment.


3. How are commercial microwave ovens different from household ones? 

Though some may say the household microwave ovens are very similar to the commercial microwave ovens in terms of functionality, it is hard to disagree that the commercial ones are way more powerful and can handle a much larger capacity of usage. In terms of power, the commercial microwave ovens work at 1800+ watts of cooking power. You can choose between 5 and 11 power levels with varying capacities depending on different models. These power levels can be operated at 3 cooking stages to allow greater flexibility in cooking different food products.

In terms of capacity, the two heavy duty models by Midea have a capacity 17L and 34L, and are able to accommodate 13 inches and 14 inches platters respectively. The longest cooking time is lengthened to 60 minutes. These are far from what a household microwave oven can offer.


4. Are the commercial microwave ovens convenient to use? 

The Midea commercial microwave ovens are easy to use for all, whether you’re using it for the first time or you already have experience in operating such equipment. There are 100 programmable menu items so you can basically cook everything -frozen, fresh, or refrigerated foods. The touch controls with LED display are also designed to be user-friendly. The braille navigation is there to welcome a wider range of users and is ADA compliant. There is even a multiple quantity pad that calculates the amount of time required for cooking multiple portions. On the other hand, you always have another option to use the time entry option in which you decide how long the cooking time should be. The maximum cooking time is 60 minutes which is plentiful for most food types. The transparent door plus the oven cavity light also makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the cooking process without having to open it. And when you need to open the door, you will find the Grab’n Go door handle strong and reliable, because there are no moving parts and thus is safe to use for people of different ages.


5. How can the commercial microwave ovens be maintained? 

The construction is made to withstand the high demand food service environment and the stainless-steel exterior makes cleaning simple and effortless. The splatter shield and air intake filters on some Midea commercial microwave oven models are removable, making the cleaning process much easier.