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Taylor is known as one of the most prestigious commercial ice cream machines and frozen beverage equipment suppliers in the world for the past 97 years. The founder of the Taylor company actually invented the very first ice cream batch freezer back in 1926. Now with a century of solid experience, the company offers not just ice cream freezers, but also first-rate soft serve machines, frozen beverage machines and even pasteurizers to meet different needs in the dessert industry. 

Taylor’s products are now operating in more than 125 countries with 160 distributors around the world. Interested in being part of the fascinating dessert business? Whether you are considering ice cream machine rental or purchase, this is the right starting point to explore.


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All-Year-Round Tasty Treats

Ice creams and Gelato are not just best sellers for hot summers, but are becoming a tasty treat that people would enjoy all year round. In Hong Kong and many other cosmopolitan cities, sales figures of ice cream and frozen desserts have been rising year by year. Whether you are running a small concession stand by the beach, a restaurant that offers desserts after meals, or a gourmet frozen dessert chain store, getting to know more about our quality Taylor ice cream machines (for rental or purchase) would be a great first step to help you boost your business.

What’s better than just sitting back in the heat of the summer and enjoying some soft serve ice cream made with ease? Whether you are starting a new business, or organizing a special event, you may consider our ice cream machine rental services in Hong Kong. You will be able to pull a bigger crowd of people to your business in Hong Kong with the right ice cream machine rental, no matter what age group you’re reaching out to. After all, the love for ice scream isn’t limited to any particular group of people.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines Rental in HK

Most of Taylor’s ice cream machines are capable of serving two soft serve flavours, or a combination of the two in a swirl or twist (For more options, single flavor models are also available.) The mix hopper of various models can store and refrigerate from 7.6L up to 18.9L of ice cream mix. When dealing with large capacities, maintaining food quality and product consistency is highly important. The exclusive Softech feature, a microprocessor based control that comes with Taylor’s ice cream machines, will help to measure the viscosity of the ice cream and then adjust refrigeration to make sure the ice cream products are up to standard. To fulfil the needs of the evermore health-conscious generation nowadays, all models of the soft serve freezers offer variations including low-fat or non-fat ice creams, yogurts or sorbets. How easy it is to surprise your customers by bringing new items to your menu with just a single ice cream machine!

Having multi-functions does not necessarily make the ice cream machines difficult to operate. In fact, the auto mode is there to reduce the operators’ work burden. There are touch screen controls with multiple languages for easy operation. Temperatures in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders can be displayed to make monitoring work more convenient. The design of the ice cream machines also takes work safety seriously by using the door interlock system that allows the beater to operate only when the dispensing door is in place. When the ice cream mix is at low level, the indicator lights will turn on and the machine will either be automatically switched to standby mode or completely shut down to avoid damages to the machine.

Apart from work safety, food safety is another issue too important to treat as ordinary. All ice cream machine rental or purchase models have a standby feature which, when activated, will make sure the products are stored at a safe range of temperature. Some models come with a heat treatment system which runs a daily heating and cooling cycle to keep the dairy products safe for up to two weeks. There is also an easily removable air filter to make cleaning efficient and effective. The indicator lights display the number of hours passed since the last cleaning to remind operators to act accordingly before food safety issues arise. 

If you would like a more fascinating menu, perhaps bringing in a trendy item, gelato, would bring your business more attention and popularity. The Taylor batch freezers are able to serve not just the regular ice creams, sorbet and yogurt, but also gelato and Italian ice. As the gelato machine uses liquid base mix to make desserts, the products are known for their smoothness and delicacy. As the product is being extracted into a container, added ingredients such as fruits, nuts or candies can be folded in to create more surprising variations that will surely create a WOW effect for your customers.

So, now you realize that the dessert industry is tempting and you’d like to start your business in Hong Kong right away? The Taylor company knows it and they offer optional accessories to fit different ice cream machine models, such as cone dispensers, syrup rails, decals, cart with casters and many more. Once you see customers queue up at your door for a tasty treat, you will find the investment in ice cream machine rental totally worth it.


About Taylor Ice Cream Machines – FAQs:


1. What capacity can the ice cream machine handle? 

There are different models of the gelato and ice cream machine that may just fascinate you. The ice cream machines offered for rental or purchase can store any amount between 7.6L and 18.9L of ice cream mix in them. You can get a single flavour, two different flavours or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and are in the mood to mix flavours, you will be able to combine two flavours in the form of a swirl or twist. The ice cream machines can also make other frozen treats such as yogurts and sorbets. Yes, just a simple ice cream machine rental can help you do so much!


2. Where will an ice cream machine come in handy? 

Who doesn’t love high quality, tasty desserts? With an effective and efficient ice cream machine in Hong Kong, you will be able to offer them whenever and wherever they want. Ice cream machines are a crowd-pleasing item in many places, events and occasions. Restaurants may follow up meals with desserts, which are also a must-have item in a buffet meal. Or you may be running a concession stand selling confectionery, ice cream and other desserts by the beach or next to a movie theater, there you will always find a line queuing up for treats. A gourmet frozen dessert chain store is another place where the right ice cream machine will be able to make a huge difference. If you are a professional event planner organizing events such as carnivals or wedding receptions frequently, having an ice cream machine would certainly bring success to your projects. There are different models to cater for different needs arising from various situations, so simply take your pick and call our ice cream machine rental services. Let us take care of the rest.


3. What can you do with the ice cream machine in HK? 

The ice cream machine, either for rental or purchase, is highly worthwhile to invest in when you find how much more it can do than simply making ice cream. Taylor’s ice cream machine rentals are versatile and they are able to make a great variety of products including custard, gelato, sorbet, italian ice, low-fat and no-fat ice creams, etc. At the finishing stage, some models may help you customize the product by folding in nuts, candies or fruits of a customer’s choice on demand. Just one single ice cream machine can get all these done for you. Beyond imagination, right?


4. Is the ice cream machine safe to use? 

Quality shouldn’t come at the cost of safety, which is why our ice cream machines for rental and purchase are designed with special features and mechanisms to ensure both work safety and food safety. For work safety, the beater operates only with the correct positioning of the dispensing door thanks to the door interlock system. There are also indicator lights for showing low ice cream mix levels. When these lights are on, the machine shuts down on its own or switches to the standby mode to avoid machine damages. For food safety, the standby feature will make sure the products are kept at a safe temperature. The heat treatment system is there to assure products safety for 2 weeks by running a heating and cooling cycle, before a thorough cleaning of the machine is required. For busy locations that may need reminders for cleaning, there is a timer showing the number of hours passed since the previous cleaning done. Just let the technologies help, so you may focus more on your business and the customers.


5. What are the ice cream machine models for rental / purchase? 

Equipment available for rental / purchase includes single flavour or twin flavour soft serve freezers, pasteurizers, batch freezers and heat treat countertops. The ice cream machine models for rental are different in sizes and capacities to fit your business locations. Some features simplicity in design and some features more complex functions such as the heat treatment system. While they may be multi-functional, it is still easy to operate, especially thanks to the auto mode feature available.