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Taylor is well known around the world as the superior commercial soft serve and frozen beverage supplies. It offers commercial soft serve machines and frozen beverage machines to meet different needs in the dessert industry.


Soft Serve Machine

Slim7 Heat Treat Countertop

Slim7 Heat Treat Countertop

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Ice creams and Gelato are not just best sellers for the hot summers, but are becoming a tasty treat that people would enjoy all year round. Whether you are running a small concession stand by the beach, a restaurant that offers desserts after meals, or a gourmet frozen dessert chain store, a quality Taylor ice cream machine or gelato machine would be your best help.

Most of our ice cream machines are capable of serving two soft serve flavours, or a combination of the two in a swirl or twist. The mix hopper of various models can store and refrigerate from 7.6L up to 18.9L of ice cream mix. To fulfil the needs of the evermore health conscious generation nowadays, all models of the soft serve freezers offer variations including low or non-fat ice creams, yogurt or sorbet. How easy it is to enrich your menu with just a single machine!

Having multi-functions does not necessarily make the ice cream machine difficult to operate. In fact, the auto mode is there to reduce the operators’ work burden. The design of the machines also takes safety seriously by using the door interlock system that allows the beater to operate only when the dispensing door is in place. When the ice cream mix is at low level, the indicator lights will turn on and the machine will either be automatically switched to standby mode or completely shut down. Some models come with a heat treatment system to keep the dairy products at safe temperature up to two weeks to ensure food safety.

If a simple ice cream is too ordinary, perhaps gelato would bring your business more attention and popularity. The Taylor batch freezers are able to serve not just the regular ice creams, sorbet and yogurt, but also gelato and italian ice. As the gelato machine uses liquid base mix to make desserts, the products are known for not its smoothness and delicacy. As the product is being extracted into a container, added ingredients such as fruits, nuts or candies can be folded in to create more surprising variations that will surely attract more attention from your customers.