Cup and Accessories


Food and Medical Grade Disinfectant

Fat Solvents Alkaline

Ready-to-use fat solvent alkaline Powerful cleaner for all fat – protein and oil contaminated surfaces of all kinds, especially for cleaning fat-contaminated floors – working surfaces and exhaust hoods

Milk Powder

Frozen Fruit Puree

  Alpha&Omega Fruits sources various frozen fruit products from the world as Italy, Serbia, Greece, Poland, France, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. and currently sell to the retailers in Hong Kong and Macau. With this, it can offer a wide range of quality frozen fruit products at an exceptional price to […]

Gelato, Pastry and Beverage Products

  PreGel, as the largest manufacturer and distributor of gelato, pastry and beverage products worldwide since 1967, it creates products that combines both quality and innovation. It distributes high quality and special dessert ingredients and semi-finished goods for premium gelato, sorbet, soft serve, pastry and frozen yogurt.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy Materials

  Gold Medal is trusted as the industry’s leading fun food equipment manufacturer and supplier. It commits to provide top quality products, service, and support to customers. “Snacks, Smiles & Success” is the core value to win the market.