Ice, Slush & Soft Serve Machine

Hand Mixer

Hyper Steamer / Dumpling Griddle

Commercial Microwave Oven – Midea

  Midea Commercial Microwave, an exclusive lineup of professional cooking appliances that focuses on the needs of commercial environments: efficiency, simplicity and durability. Compared with ordinary cooking appliances, it offers remarkable performance contributed to our devoted effort on research & development of high-standard platform specially designed for commercial situations. From convenience stores, office pantries or […]

Aurabeat Silver Ion Antiviral Air Purifier

Biotek Ozone Electrolytic Ozone Water Generator

Generate disinfectant automatically at home The advanced system allows users to make disinfectant immediately, which is safe and harmless to the skin after strict scientific tests, and the disinfection process is faster.

Wine Cellar

For anyone fascinated about the culture of wine, a wine fridge is their dreamland, a paradise one couldn’t wait to be in. Good storage of wine protects the products and keeps them in optimum conditions, which guarantee the value of the wine and enable wine lovers to taste them whenever they wish to. Whether you […]

Pizza Oven & Dough Mixer


Supermarket Showcase